I'm a level designer at King, currently crushing it as part of the level design team at Candy Crush Saga. I've always loved creating things, whether I'm at work designing levels and gameplay features, or at home playing around in games like Super Mario Maker or Animal Crossing.

After 5 years of game development studies I've learned that level design is where I thrive the most - a role in which I get to enjoy working on the front lines by creating the worlds and challenges that players enjoy and overcome. I have years of experience of using several engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4, and I never turn down an opportunity to further widen my knowledge in game development practices.

My education in games started with by bachelor's degree at Södertörns University College, where I created several games in Unity as part of my coursework. I also wrote a number of essays on game design theory and the use of sound within games. At the end of this program I made a level for Serious Sam's Bogus Detour as part of my internship at Crackshell. While my time at Södertörn taught me a ton about the theoretical aspects of game development, I felt that it didn't give me enough practical experience. So, I decided to move straight on to Future Games, a two year long vocational program in game development that I'd heard great things about. 

And great it was! Future Games was the perfect place to meet other aspiring game developers with previous experience and the skills that come with it. Everyone was very talented and we always supported each other to ensure we did our very best. It was during this time that I worked on my proudest student project achievements - games such as Escape from Castle Galdor, Valhalla Racing, and even my own little prototype darling Box Game. These experiences, and of the school's gigantic network of industry connections, eventually led me to King where I started as an intern in January 2018.

Since joining King I have designed over 400 new levels for Candy Crush Saga, balanced existing levels using real-time data, led the design of several new in-game features, documented existing and new in-game features, contributed with level design expertise in external projects, and assisted in improving the level design team’s work processes. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!



Phone: +46 705  31 91 20

LinkedIn: Alfred Löfving

Software experience

Unity 5

Unreal Engine 4


C# scripting

FL Studio



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