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My name is Alfred Löfving, and I am curently a student at the two year vocational education Future Games, where I am learning about the games industry and practical skills through teamwork in group game projects, as well as individual assignments.


Through my years of game design studies I have discovered how my main interest lies in level design - creating worlds and challenges for players to enjoy and interact with, but I also enjoy generalist roles in game projects. I have taught myself C# scripting, worked in several different game engines, and I never turn down an opportunity to widen my knowledge of game design practices.


Since Nintendo introduced me to games at an early age, I have always been an avid gamer. I always carried my Game Boy around and stayed pretty much glued to my consoles at home. Zelda: Ocarina of Time, in particular, awoken my sense of wonder for exploration in games that remains with me to this day.


Before Future Games I went to the three year university program Spelprogrammet at Södertörns University College, where I learned game design with a more academic approach and the basics of practical game design. At the end of Spelprogrammet I did a three month internship at Crackshell, designing a level for Serious Sam's Bogus Detour (link to portfolio page). I applied for Future Games wishing for more practical knowledge and to get the chance to experiment and find out which field of game design that suits me best.


I love transforming ideas into experiences. I love working in teams with good communication and high transparency, as I know from personal experience how they both provide a better work environment and sets the stage for better game development.


I want to work on games as impactful experiences that engages and connects with people all over the world. I want to grow as a designer and work with people who provide the same great times I have had with games for other people to enjoy.




Phone: +46 705 31 91 20

LinkedIn: Alfred Löfving



Software experience


Unity 5

Unreal Engine 4


C# scripting

FL Studio


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